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Conference Overview

Pediatrics – A Whole Child, Integrative Approach

Whether you are new in your Pediatrics practice or advanced, this seminar promises to offer essential and advanced clinical skills and expert up to date timely information for all

January 25-27, 2019


  • Sarah McCallister, N.D.
  • Caroline Meyer, N.D.
  • Catherine Darley, N.D.
  • Amanda Watters, N.D.
  • Erica Peirson, N.D.
  • Leslie Solomonian, N.D.
  • Hilary Andrews, N.D.
  • Michelle Perro, M.D.


  • PANS – An Integrative Approach to A Difficult but Treatable Disorder
  • Gut Microbiome In Childhood: Fertile Ground for the Prevention and Treatment
  • Sleep – A Foundation of Mental Health for Teens
  • The Skin Patch: Botanical medicine for Pediatric Dermatological conditions
  • Creative Compliance: making herbal medicines palatable for kids, and select formulations for specific conditions.
  • Down Syndrome: More Than Just a Extra Chromosome
  • Pediatric Mental Health Update: Current and Novel Approaches for Depression, Anxiety and Addiction Disorders
  • ADD and ADHD: Could this be Sleep Disorder
  • Childhood Vaccines: Is there a One Size-Fits All Schedule; Benefits/Risks; Pros/Cons
  • The impact of Herbicides/Pesticides and other Toxins on the Microbiome of Children and Strategies for Recovery
  • Adolescent Suicide: Leaning into the difficult conversations that can save lives

CME: 16.25 Total   General 14.25   Pharmacy 2