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The Institute of Women’s Health & Integrative Medicine is an educational and research organization whose mission is to provide advanced training to primary health care practitioners and to conduct and support clinical research in women’s health and natural therapies and integrative medicine.

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Recent attendee testimonials:

“The best weekend of useful integrative pediatric clinical pearls I could ask for. I learned multiple items  in these lectures that will change my clinical practice.”

~Abby Laing, ND
Integrative Pediatrics

“…interesting speakers, friendly audience, comfortable meeting room.”

~Michael Traub, ND
Integrative Pediatrics

“I appreciated the focus on EBM. Great topics. Favorite lecture was probably Dr. Riley’s gastro lecture. He’s a great speaker who conveyed important and relevant information clearly. I was also very impressed by Dr.s Chasse and Cullen.”

~Tracy McDaniel, ND, LM, CPM
Integrative Pediatrics

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