About Our Speaker – Heather Hydzik, ND

Heather Hydzik

Heather Hydzik


Dr. Heather Hydzik’s primary care experience includes women’s and men’s health, nutritional consultation and hormone replacement. Some of her favorite challenges to help patients overcome include digestive health, thyroid disorders, menopausal symptoms, hormone imbalances, fatigue, anxiety and depression, sleep issues, and difficulty losing weight.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Southern California, Dr. Heather completed her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and certificate of midwifery at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR. She then completed a residency in naturopathic primary care near Seattle.

Dr. Heather has a unique and well-rounded work experience, including working at a non-profit in Chicago that served people struggling with mental illness and homelessness, and delivering babies at a birth center in Bali. She is currently a staff physician at Doctor’s Data. Additionally, Dr. Heather has been volunteering as a vaccinator at a local Covid-19 vaccine clinic.

Heather Hydzik’s Upcoming Sessions

Laboratory Assessment to Streamline Hormone Balancing Therapies During the Cycling Years

Hormonal issues are exceedingly common and can get in the way of a good day and even interfere with life goals. Whether your patients complain of irregular menstrual cycles, feeling overstressed, insomnia, low energy, or even depressed mood, hormone imbalance may be an underlying factor.

Excellent patient outcomes in hormone optimization and circadian rhythm balancing are built from a blueprint of accurate intake and reliable laboratory assessment. These tools position the practitioner to offer patients sustained wellness. Utilizing urine hormone assessment (including metabolites) provides different information than either saliva or serum. Because each method elicits a specific set of information regarding patient physiology, it is crucial to understand how each medium differs and when to best utilize each method.

This presentation will elucidate the science behind existing hormone testing methodologies, as well as teach how to interpret the results of salivary hormone testing in the context of menstrual irregularities and preconception health optimization. With a firm foundation of sex hormone and circadian rhythm assessment and monitoring practices, this presentation will also introduce treatment protocols for successful outcomes through an integrative approach.


We are now FULLY Accredited with the NANCEAC. We have submitted the October CEU and expect to have the full 13 approved.


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