About Our Speaker – Kasra Pournadeali, ND

Kasra Pournadeali

Kasra Pournadeali


Dr. Pournadeali, Founder and Director of the Northwest Center for Optimal Health, an accredited, residency training facility in Washington State, is a national authority on Naturopathic Cardiology, and Practice Management.  He has been a provider for nearly 35 years, served as university faculty for nearly 25 years, has made over a thousand television and radio appearances, and published hundreds of articles in the professional and lay press.  He has been elected President repeatedly, regionally, and nationally where his administrations passed congressional resolutions, and state legislation to improve patient access to naturopathic doctors.

Kasra Pournadeali’s Upcoming Sessions

Hypertension: The Essentials Providers are Missing 

Dr. Kasra Pournadeali reviews for us proper assessment and treatment when patients present hypertensive. He will review guidelines on drug selection, “constitutional prescribing” of drugs, and necessary monitoring– regularly overlooked. 

He will then move to non-drug options that work including evidence-based nutraceuticals/botanicals.  Case examples will be provided throughout.


We are NANCEAC accredited in the following states, AZ,CA, CO, CT, District of Columbia, Kansas, MN, MT, NM, ND, OR, UT, VT, WA, Canada: Alberta, BC might need pre-approval: Maine , HI, Maryland, RI, NH


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