About Our Speaker – Kellie Schenk, Diagnostic Radiologist

Kellie Schenk

Kellie Schenk

Diagnostic Radiologist

Kellie Schenk is a Diagnostic Radiologist who works at Rayus Radiology specializing in Women’s imaging including mammography and body MRI. She did her undergraduate at the University of Washington and returned home to Portland for Medical School and internship. She graduated from Hartford Hospital’s Radiology Residency in 2014 and from OHSU’s body fellowship in 2015. She has worked at Rayus (formerly Epic Imaging) since graduating in 2016 and was able to continue her education in women’s imaging, working under seasoned Breast Imagers. She has taken on the role of National Breast Imaging Section Leader for Rayus Radiology in 2020 and plans to continue in that role, helping shape policy and practice throughout their many locations across the country.

Kellie Schenk’s Upcoming Sessions

Breast Imaging Essentials and Update 2021

Are you confused about what breast imaging is to be used when and how to interpret some of the reports? This presentation will get you unconfused and updated on screening vs diagnostic mammography, the latest in different mammogram technologies, MRI, ultrasound and image guided breast biopsy. We will also review the descriptions and categories reported in the results.


We are now FULLY Accredited with the NANCEAC. We have submitted the October CEU and expect to have the full 13 approved.


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