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Laura Neville

Laura Neville


Laura Neville graduated from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine and maintains a private practice in Portland, OR with a focus on endocrine health including type 1 diabetes, Hashimotos, and hormone optimization throughout the female lifespan.? She sits on the advisory board for Hormone University providing evidence-based alternative medicine research and clinical expertise.

Dr. Neville is also a staff physician at Doctors Data where she writes, researches, and consults with physicians around the world on complex cases. She is a frequent speaker at professional conferences around the country on the topics of women’s health, testing methodologies, brain health, and type 1 diabetes.

Laura Neville’s Upcoming Sessions

Comparison of Laboratory Testing Mediums for Hormone Assessment in Perimenopause/Menopause; How to Choose the Most Appropriate Hormone Testing Method for Each Patient 

Many practitioners utilize testing for hormone optimization and enhanced patient outcomes built from a blueprint of accurate intake and reliable laboratory assessment. These tools position the practitioner to offer patients sustained wellness.  Because each method elicits a specific set of information regarding patient physiology, it is crucial to understand how each medium differs and when to best utilize each method.   This presentation will elucidate the science behind existing hormone testing methodologies, as well as teach how to interpret the results of salivary, urine and serum hormone testing in the context of commonly utilized hormonal therapies and routes of administration in perimenopausal/menopausal women. 


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