About Our Speaker – Marianne Marchese, ND

Marianne Marchese

Marianne Marchese


Dr. Marianne Marchese is a highly accomplished naturopathic physician with 19 years of experience. She is a recognized expert in environmental medicine, women’s health, and integrative medicine. Her background spans clinical practice, teaching, writing, speaking, research, and professional advocacy

Dr. Marianne Marchese is the author of the bestselling book; “8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness” She graduated from Creighton University as an Occupational Therapist and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from NUNM in 2002. Dr. Marchese is currently adjunct faculty at SCNM in Tempe AZ teaching both environmental medicine and gynecology and in private practice in Phoenix.

She served on the State of Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board, Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine, Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, and Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. She has been published in numerous magazines and journals and lectures throughout the U.S and Canada. For over 10 years she has written the environmental medicine column in the Townsend Letter Journal. Dr. Marchese was named to Phoenix magazines’ Top Doctor Issue as one of the top naturopathic physicians in the Phoenix area.

Marianne Marchese’s Upcoming Sessions

Environmental Influences on Breast Health- New concepts and Solutions

Dr. Marchese will discuss the fundamentals of breast health and the influence of endocrine disruptors and single nucleotide polymorphisms. She will describe the link to common toxicants, their source of exposure and importance of avoidance strategies. Dr. Marchese will discuss how to integrate an environmental medicine approach.


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