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Conference Overview

Primary Care in Women

Virtual Attendance only for this conference


July 31 – August 1, 2020



Jennifer Johnson N.D., LAc
Juliette Sweet N.D.
Fiona Campbell N.D.
Cheryl Myers R.N.
Erin Conlon N.D., M.S.
Barbara Weiss N.D.
Tori Hudson N.D.



Brain Aging in Women: Effects on moods, memory and Botanical Solutions

Clinical Advances and Indication for Specific Species and Strains of Probiotics

Acute and Chronic Immune support with Ayurvedic Botanicals

The Influence of Sex Hormones on Autoimmune Disease in Women: Current Understanding and Therapeutic Implications

Integrative Approach to Chronic, Recurrent, and Atypical Vaginitis

Latest Updated Guidelines and Algorithms for HPV/Cervical Dysplasia

HPV/CIN treatments – Natural Treatment Protocols

NAFLD-Essentials and Advances in Treatments and Prevention of Sequalae

Ethical Challenges and Lessons Learned from Clinical Practice in a Pandemic

Research Update in Women’s Health

Anal HPV: Getting to the bottom of Testing & Treatment


CME: total = 14.5 General=11; Pharmacy=1.5; Ethics=2

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